Advantages – Why choose Estudio Buenos Aires?

Students for all over the world find Argentina an exceptional location to learn Spanish. The combination of European and Latin culture, beautiful surroundings, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere make Argentina the perfect destination. This wonderful South American country offers a wide range of experiences from cultural activities such as Tango and Opera to outdoor sporting events like skiing and trekking. Not to mention, wine tasting and fine dining.

Why choose Estudio Buenos Aires?

· We do not require advanced payments. You are welcome to sit in on a class at no cost to experience the quality of our Spanish instruction. Once you decide to sign up for classes with Estudio Buenos Aires, you can settle the fees on a weekly basis. No other Spanish school in Argentina can match this offer.

· We guarantee your satisfaction. If we do not live up to your expectations in the first two days of classes, we will gladly refund your fees.

· We offer personalized courses and customized workshops to fit your individual needs.

· We have over 25 years of experience in helping people to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires.

· We focus not just on you acquisition of the Spanish language, but on facilitating an unforgettable cultural experience in Buenos Aires.

· We continuously monitor your progress and make adjustments to your program of instruction in the Spanish language to ensure success.

· We always strive for excellence and incorporate the latest instructional methodologies.