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Homestays with Estudio Buenos Aires

Homestays with Estudio Buenos Aires

We at Estudio Buenos Aires understand how difficult it is to find a good home with a family in a foreign country, especially if you don’t yet have a handle on the language, which is why we’ve organized this housing service for you!

We understand that people who come here and choose to live with a family wish to experience the Argentine culture. We offer many different housing options all with the same thought in mind, ‘EVERY HOUSE SHOULD BE A HOME’.

Our host family stay program has been active for 20 years. We have long standing relationships with the families who host students. These families are located throughout safe neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. They also have experience in addressing the needs of students.

Host families are carefully screened by members of our staff to ensure that all the houses comply with our requirements. A minimum of one visit per year is made to each host family after they have been accepted by our school.

All you need to do is complete our online accommodation request form; the rest is up to us. We will find the perfect home to suit you before you even arrive in Buenos Aires to learn Spanish. If you are already here, we can meet with you to discuss your specific needs, and then arrange a meeting for you with the families.

RATES: Homestay with breakfast: US $150 per week.

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